Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my furnace filter?

Your Furnace Filter should be replaced every month. However, every home is different. If you live alone you may be able to change your furnace filter every 2 to 3 months, but if you have children and pets that are going to stir up dust you may have to change your filter more often. In either case, it is important to check your furnace filter monthly.

What type of furnace filter should I be using?

There are many types of Furnace Filters on the market. Manufacturers recommend a minimum of fiberglass filters. For better filtration, we recommend a lower-priced pleated. These pleated filters will collect considerably more dust from the air so they need to be checked regularly. We recommend using caution when considering high efficient pleated filters. These filters claim to remove very small from the air. To do this,  though, the weave of this filter can be so tight it restricts airflow to your furnace blower system. The higher the MERV rating, the more restriction it will cause. Restricting airflow during Heating can cause your Furnace to overheat, and during Air Conditioning Season, restricting airflow can cause your coil to freeze up.

How often should I have my furnace cleaned?
Your Furnace should be Maintained Yearly. Manufacturers are getting strict on consumers, demanding that they have their Furnace Maintained and requiring records to be kept. In the event of a major breakdown, they may ask you to produce the records. Older Furnaces should be checked for safety reasons, to ensure Heat Exchangers are not cracked, the chimney is drafting properly and all safety switches are operating correctly.
How often should I have my air conditioning cleaned?
As with your Furnace, you should have your Air Conditioner Maintained Yearly. Clogged coils will decrease the efficiency of the unit and cause it to work harder. The Technician will take Super Heat and Sub- Cooling Measurements to assure proper Freon levels. If your A/C unit is low on Freon, it will cause a unit to run longer cycles which will increase utility bills. The technician will also test and inspect electrical components, such as motors and, capacitors, to assure proper operation.
Do I need to cover my air conditioning unit?
Your Air Conditioning Unit is designed to be in the elements. However, if your property has a lot of trees that could cause leaves to fall into your unit, you may want to cover it. If you are going to cover your Air Conditioner you should only cover the top half of the unit, if you cover the entire unit and seal it, the moisture that occurs will not be able to dry, causing your unit to rust and damage electrical controls.

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