Commercial Units

Sleek Exterior

A sleek compact cabinet with round corners for safety makes JDN’s commercial HVAC units easy to handle. With its versatility and easy handling, it is a perfect match for the most complex or the simplest-light commercial applications.

Multitude of Options

JDN’s commercial units have outstanding features and offer an unprecedented selection of options, including a choice in controls- electromechanical or the highly sophisticated ReliaTel microprocessor controls.

Ultimate Flexibility

Who is in the best position to decide which features meet your specific application needs? You, of course. Trane’s Precedent offers the most flexible light commercial packaged air conditioners in the industry. These units, with convertible airflow, are not prepackaged: you order and pay only for the options you really need.

Included Features:

  • 1-Inch Filters with Rack Capable of Accepting 2-Inch Filters
  • Direct or Belt Drive, Standard or Oversized Evaporator Fan Motors
  • Gas/Electric, Cooling Only, Heat Pumps
  • R-410a Refrigerant 13 Seer, 15 Seer and 15 Seer 6-10 Ton Models
  • Low, Medium, or High Heat-Gas Heating Capacities.
  • Relia Tel Microprocessor or Electromechanical Controls
  • Thermal Expansion Valve Refrigerant Control
  • Standard or High-Efficiency Cooling Capacities
  • Wide Array of Electric Options

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